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This here is my personal blog (please do enjoy it).
I post my art here too but if you wish to see my art, here you go: liorereshkigal
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Desenlazo, "No me hagas ir..." (Parte 2) from kirarapr95-303 on 8tracks Radio.

Desenlazo, “No me hagas ir…” (Parte 2)
And now part two. Both are also playlists for my Khan/OC fanfic I’m working on… that I really need to finish. Wish me luck.
Credit for cover art goes to nami86 on DeviantArt. Because I love her and makes me both blush like a tomato and explode with feels with her art.

Desenlazo (Parte 1) from kirarapr95-303 on 8tracks Radio.

Desenlazo (Parte 1)
… Well since the music license won’t let me put more than two songs from one artist on 8tracks, I shall do TWO playlists!! MUAJAJAJAJAAA!!!
Credit for art goes to nami86 on DeviantArt. ;3



I am a feminist because
I don’t think this video could be much more relevant.

True, true and TRUE. 

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Seeing fanart of your OTP


Seeing nsfw fanart of your OTP


Seeing nsfw fanart of your OTP doing that kink you like


(vía johnsnaughtybox)


i want snapchat to exist in the naruto universe

(vía johnsnaughtybox)

Calling all Sherlock fans, Khan lovers and otherwise B.C. fans to vote for the best name for this years GenCon brew: " Froth of Khan"!!! Please reblog!!!    →



There were over 5,000 submitted names for this year’s Sun King Gen Con brew. Now we need your help with voting for one of the Top 4 Finalists! ‪#‎FreshLocalBeer‬
Finalists names: Froth of Kahn • Javamancer • Power Grind Ale • Undead Elixir

I wish the company spelled Khan right but I think the error is probably purposeful to avoid copyright issues.

I’d buy that beer. XD



This survey was conceived by a group of undergraduate students from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras (UPRRP) lead by Verónica Rodríguez Ramos and supervised by Dr. Janet MacLennan to support a study called “Narratives of Participatory Culture: Reading fan written fiction as Literature”….

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