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This here is my personal blog (please do enjoy it).
I post my art here too but if you wish to see my art, here you go: liorereshkigal
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The moment when we believed we were watching Sherlock then a wild John Harrison appeared.

(vía guixonlove)

Desenlazo, "No me hagas ir..." (Parte 2) from kirarapr95-303 on 8tracks Radio.

Desenlazo, “No me hagas ir…” (Parte 2)
And now part two. Both are also playlists for my Khan/OC fanfic I’m working on… that I really need to finish. Wish me luck.
Credit for cover art goes to nami86 on DeviantArt. Because I love her and makes me both blush like a tomato and explode with feels with her art.

Desenlazo (Parte 1) from kirarapr95-303 on 8tracks Radio.

Desenlazo (Parte 1)
… Well since the music license won’t let me put more than two songs from one artist on 8tracks, I shall do TWO playlists!! MUAJAJAJAJAAA!!!
Credit for art goes to nami86 on DeviantArt. ;3



I am a feminist because
I don’t think this video could be much more relevant.

True, true and TRUE. 

(Fuente: vodkaand-cigarettes)

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